Wooden projects!

Yipeee! Job done, filled up with next winter’s stash of logs. Its looks great bathing in this lovely sunshine were having. A very happy customer, thank you for believing in my initial sketch.

Nearly done, just a few more hours left on this lovely building.

After a hard day Codi the dog knows where to go for some warmth!

Time for tea!




Loading up, ready to move out, thanks for your help Alastair!

thumb_IMG_2659_1024 2

Making progress slowly!


Here’s an interesting  project we are working on at the mo, a lovely larch log building with a twist.



We had a party in the woods & needed some more seating urgently, so we made chairs from logs,planks & recycled old chairs. They are very quick & easy to make, people loved them!
AWC20 AWC19This building was a great project! A friend of mine in the Brechfa area commisssioned me to build an 6m x 4m Oak framed building to house a cordwood boiler & a timber store.       I jumped at the chance & selectively felled the Oak trees on the property, milled the timber on the yard & built the Oak frame in one of the outbuildings on site, for a genuine eco-friendly build. I only built the frame but it was finished off beautifully by a local builder with a slate roof, wool & wood bat infills & lime render, just waiting for a nice curved top door. Took approximately 270 man hours to mill the timber, build the frame, & erect the frame & is held together with 236 Oak pegs (no nails needed here!) It looks like it’s been there for a few hundred years! A big thanks to Steve Atkins for helping me erect the frame
AWC12 AWC15AWC21Some of my smaller creations. The first picture below was a very challenging one at that! I was given this piece of very twisted grained Yew from a friend of mine, & was already a roughed out spoon blank with a faint crack, so I felt an obligation to finish the project. Though a very demanding carving, I loved every minute! (It’s often about the journey, not the end product, although this is a beautiful decorative spoon).
The next two pictures show a spoon made from an Ash branch curve, it’s very slim but very strong as the grain is naturally bent this way. This spoon was gifted to my friend Holly.
AWC9AWC17 AWC18This log picnic table is made from locally grown Larch using log cabin jointing techniques. Situated proudly outside the Telegraph Inn at Llangadog. Took approximately 40 hrs of work in total, & I loved every minute of it. Loads of interest from passers by whilst making it.
AWC11AWC10ACW16I was commissioned to make a sign for a a friends new mountain bike business. Made from Douglas Fir, this chainsaw carved sign was a very enjoyable piece to make, & is now proudly displayed on their property. For all you mountain bike enthusiasts, check out their website on www.mudtrek.com
AWC4 AWC5Beech stack of books with metal straps & shields, from one piece of wood.  In a Harry Potter spell book theme. Took about 40 hours of work & its really big & heavy. Looks great outside its new bookshop home.
Another picnic table, this time from large Douglas Fir that we felled, peeled & treated. Had great fun making this one for a customer, who now has it in his private woodland in Brechfa.Log Bench

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