Proclimber Tree Care


Expert, friendly & reliable in all aspects of Tree Surgery.

No fuss, No hidden costs, NO WORRIES!

PROCLIMBER – Tree Care Specialists

Covering all areas of tree work from planting to dismantling. Over 20 years experience in the Arboriculture & Forestry Industry including Training & Assessing.

If you are worried about your trees then please contact us for a friendly professional service.

Fully Insured & operating with a highly skilled team of Arborists to provide a great service to our customers.

Suppliers of woodchip & firewood, plus timber bought & sold.

Below are examples of what we get up to in work. Enjoy!


A Sycamore removal over some delicate panel fencing.
















A typical “over the roof” tree removal. The team take extra care in these situations.

What a fantastic blue sky!

















Dead-wooding some Oaks at Llangadog
















Cherry picker action in Llandovery.
















Clearing some space for a new building.
















Two leaning Larches requires some thinking to bring down safely, without damaging that wooden bridge. The quad bike gets the chipper into position as the ground is quite wet.

A very happy Al climbing that Larch!

















A tricky little number, a windblown leaner hung up on another tree over the Gorlech river, nice work guys. It’s a job to tell whether that root plate wants to flip back!






























The team needed a serious winching rope termination, so its off to the splicing shed to burn the midnight oil.


Our Norcar mighty mini loader again in action moving cordwood to a log shed built by us to keep those lovely Ash logs nice & dry.


Cranking up old faithful, the mighty 1174 County with double drum Igland winches.


A load of Larch cut ready for a building project in Llandovery.


A recent tree removal needing some very light footed machinery for clearing up!


Dismantling a large Douglas Fir at home in Abergorlech

De-limbing Poplars in preparation for a winch felling at sunny Taliaris.

A heavy leaning Larch tree was braced back with guy lines just as a precautionary measure.
Remedial storm damage work on a 120′ Giant Redwood in Golden Grove Arboretum.

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