Fast Track: Questions Answered & Trainees Feedback

Fast Track F.A.Q ‘s

Listed here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our six week Fast Track tree surgery course.
Q. ” What has The Proclimber® Fast Track 6 week course got to offer”?
A. We offer an very intensive but a good fun six weeks of hands on training & assessments in real world locations, not some mock classrooms, using only professional saws & equipment. Our five theory days are run by professional people from different sectors of the Forestry/Arb industry, who offer you an rare opportunity to ask in-depth questions, & pick their brains  even during tea breaks! We offer you a chance to work along side us, doing some real work at different locations throughout the six weeks on Saturdays, some of which may be tree rigging work, which offers you a chance to see some more advanced techniques. Honesty is the best policy, & we are honest in our feedback to you throughout the six weeks, so if you need to focus a little more in one area of your training we will tell you & offer you the chance to do it.
Proclimber® do not just take your money & then ignore you after the six weeks. We offer anyone who has done The Proclimber® Fast Track Course a support service long after you have finished the course, where you can phone or email for advice on any Forestry/Arb related issues.
You also get to stay with other trainees  in a really comfortable environment , which helps with studying & general camaraderie & team work. We also have The Bigwood Saloon Bar which is open on Friday & Saturday nights in the same building as you stay in! Where else would you get all this?”
Q. “Is the accommodation included in the price”?
A.Yes, we offer fully catered accommodation, with all the usual facilities, showers, TV, Blu ray & Wifi we provide all bed linen but not towelsif you stay at the weekends your food is not provided, however there is a fully kitted kitchen, & the diner downstairs is open during the day.”
Q. “How do I pay for the course”?

A. “We ask for a deposit of £1,000.00 to secure you a place, the remainder must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the course start date”.

Q. “Is there an age limit for this course”?
A. “We have had people from 17 to 55 on this course, it’s fitness that matters & the will to succeed not age.”
Q. “How fit do I need to be to succeed on this course”?
A. “This is a very demanding six weeks, you will be using muscles you may not normally use, fitness is key, not age! A non smoker will find it much easier than a smoker especially when it comes to the tree climbing.”
Q. “Will I find work after completing this course”?
A. “You will certainly be a very sought after employee with all these qualifications under your belt, of course you will not have the experience, but this cannot be bought & only comes with time, if asked who I would prefer to employ, someone who has just succeeded in an intensive six week course with professionals, or someone who has had years of experience at possibly doing things wrong, I know which one I would choose”!!!
We have had many people go straight into jobs after completing this course, not just here in the UK but all over the world.”
Q. “Are the weekends free time”?
A. “We usually work five days a week Monday – Friday, however there is sometimes the chance for extra training on Saturdays, or to come on a job with us, this is entirely up to the trainee, if they wish to return home (where applicable) this is ok with us.”
Q. “Is all the equipment supplied”?
A. “We supply all saws, felling & climbing equipment etc, the only thing you will need to supply is your PPE, i.e chainsaw boots, trousers, helmet, climbing gloves, work gloves, personal first aid pouch, whistle & knife. These can be purchased from us at a 15% discount whilst on the course.”
Q. Can women succeed on this course“?
A. “As long as you are fit it makes no difference, this is a very male Industry but there are more & more ladies now becoming qualified, women do tend to make very good climbers.”
Q. Do I need to have any experience before enrolling on the Fast Track course”?
A.  “No, in fact we prefer that you don’t, we can otherwise spend hours unbreaking bad habits before we can teach the correct methods! This course is designed for people with no experience at all.”
Q.What is the pass rate for this course?”
A.All the Assessments are a pass or fail, there would be no point to them otherwise. But our aim is to to give each person as much quality training as possible, this is what we believe is the key to great result, as this will give you the confidence you need for a successful Assessment. If you are unsuccessful on your assessment day, you will need to re take an Assessment. We will assist you with appropriate additional Training & Assessments  booking asap, to get you on to the next stage. Please note, any additional Training  or Assessments that have to be retaken, will be at you own cost however.
Q. “Do I have to have my own transport”?
A. You will need to get to our various training sites but as long as you can get to us, we can usually cope with lifts to sites etc, if anyone uses their own vehicle everyone else can chip in with some fuel money, this usually works very well. There is a train station right next to the accommodation!”

 Here are some past trainee feedback comments;


Hi Proclimber,
Just a quick message to say I’ve found a job in Stockholm, now working for Jacksons Trädgård in fact Sweden’s largest Arb comp so I’m really happy and all going well so far! I’m getting a lot of climbing in pretty much everyday and they are teaching me new tricks everyday which is great fun!
Been chatting to the other lads from the course on Facebook, it seems like everyone has hit the ground running with a bit of work so that’s good!
Just like to say a massive thanks to you all for a fantastic course, you guys made the whole experience amazing.
Which I could join the next fast track, i’ll just have to come back for the rigging course one day I hope.

All the best and have a lovely Welsh Xmas!

Hope to see you in the future somewhere and do a bbq/drinks/big tree climb like we mentioned.

Adam (from a dark cold slightly wet Stockholm Sweden) !!


“Having completed Proclimber’s Fast Track course in October 2015 i certainly feel like i am confident and full of knowledge, which will allow me to progress into the industry safely! During and after completing the course i fired out a good few emails and i was amazed by the response and opportunities that were available. Over my 6 weeks i have learned so much from the instructors who are a great laugh! They certainly know how to make you feel welcome during the duration of the course. The accommodation is great and the food is unbelievable! You won’t be short of food that is for sure. I have gained a lot from this course and met some new friends who i will no doubt see in the future. I would highly recommend Proclimber’s 6 week fast track course, it will be one of the best achievements in your life with endless opportunities. Thanks for everything team!”

Grant Clayton


“Thanks so much I have a new start in life thanks to your course. Without the start that Proclimber has given me, I was in a hole & did not know what to do. The Army had me in a shelter for 22 years with food and accommodation but I needed a new start, this is what Proclimber gave me. First interview in Germany and I get the job as a climber, the qualifications that Proclimber gave was spot on & gave me everything that I needed. Although the new firm has offered me a degree in Arboriculture after the first year, which they will pay for as long as i stay with them!! Sounds so great I cannot believe my luck. This comes on the back of the Proclimber Fast Track Course”!!!

Richard Preece


I just wanted to send a quick email to say a big thank you to everyone at Proclimber. The last 6 weeks will be a period I will never forget, I’ve made some lifelong friends and can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. A massive thanks to Andy and Tom for pushing us through all the assessments with great skill and astonishing patience, I now have some invaluable qualifications that I will take into my new career with great confidence. I have to give Mike and Dave a mention for not only putting up with all the lads but for the impeccable service provided day in day out. The home made pizza on the last night was truly amazing, as was the lovely hot chocolate. And last but certainly not least a huge thank you to you Caroline, I’m sure its not always easy dealing with us lot but right from the word go everything has been superb. Keep up the amazing job, I’ll certainly be recommending Proclimber to anyone I come across, and if you guys are ever in Sweden you always have a place to stay.

Kind Regards

James Henwood


IMG_JakeJake Higgins completed ted our six week intensive Fast Track Tree surgery Course in June/July 2014 he is off to work in Australia, this is what he thought of our course.

“Hey Caroline, Andy and Tom! I would just like to say thank you very much for a great 6 weeks, I had the time of my life in the sunny countryside of Wales! I cant believe how much we learnt, Im sad the course is over and Im missing the daily banter we had.

Thank you Caroline for the amazing hospitality, lovely food and accommodation.. and the clean bed sheets which I used once! And to all the boys on the course, cheers for the good times! I have already started work with a company just a few days after qualifying and got lots more work lined up! This is definitely the best trade in the world, swinging around trees with a chainsaw..! I feel very confident now working thanks to you guys and your very high teaching standards! I promise Andy I will never to do any more flush cuts and guess what lads Im still practicing deep throating the bananas! :)

I’m off to Australia in December for good to further my new career and passion, I’m very excited! I would highly recommend this course to anyone, intensive 6 weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it! Will keep in touch with you all.. Thanks again and speak soon!”

Jake x


Sean Corney - Stockholm, Sweden - "Learning new stuff for six weeks, lots of laughs."

Sean Corney – Stockholm, Sweden – “Learning new stuff for six weeks, lots of laughs.”

Leo Thompson - Richmond, Surrey - "Had a great laugh, not one boring day. Something different every day. Training provided was great & any problems That I had were dealt with , very helpful info. No such thing as a silly question."

Leo Thompson – Richmond, Surrey – “Had a great laugh, not one boring day. Something different every day. Training provided was great & any problems that I had were dealt with , very helpful info. No such thing as a silly question.”



David Brown - Larkhall, Scotland - "enjoyed every minute of the course."

David Brown – Larkhall, Scotland – “Enjoyed every minute of the course.”

Jack Carnell - Dolanog, Welshpool - "Great group of people, wealth of knowledge & genuinely helpful. Not for the faint hearted."

Jack Carnell – Dolanog, Welshpool – “Great group of people, wealth of knowledge & genuinely helpful. Not for the faint hearted.”

Gary Hadley - Bobbington, Stourbridge - " Delighted with all aspects of the very well designed course and the fantastic attitude and experience of all instructors.

Gary Hadley – Bobbington, Stourbridge – ” Delighted with all aspects of the very well designed course and the fantastic attitude and experience of all instructors.

Mohammed Khair - Cypress - "Very well organised, top instructors proves this course is catered for absolute beginners"

Mohammed Khair – Cyprus – “Very well organised, top instructors proves this course is catered for absolute beginners”

John Hitchcock - Mileham, Kings Lyn - Well organised, friendly and a relaxed atmosphere.

John Hitchcock – Mileham, Kings Lynn – Well organised, friendly and a relaxed atmosphere.


Carla Whitehouse - Minehead - "Amazed we achieved so much in so little time."

Carla Whitehouse – Minehead Somerset – “Amazed we achieved so much in so little time.”        

IMGP0771” I was on the fast track course of June 2013 and would like to thank the whole Proclimber team for a fantastic course. I am now in full time employment carrying out both utility and domestic work and having a great time doing it. Like most I came to the course as a novice but by the time I left and found myself a job I was able to hit the ground running thanks to the intensive training I received at Proclimber. The theory study on the course is invaluable and gave me a great grounding in the many aspects of tree care. The practical training, although hard work, was very rewarding as your skills progress really quickly as the weeks go on. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get into the industry, The accommodation is great, the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, you have a lot of laughs and give yourself a great chance of employment. Thanks again Proclimber.”

Richard Nieuwenhuys – Fife, Scotland



“Hey guys, just a quick thank you for the training, can honestly say was well worth every penny. Anyone who is interested in getting into the industry or wants to get qualified this course is one hell of helping hand in the right direction. The training is second to none. (I have done courses at other colleges so have something to compare it to so trust me it 10x better). Thank you again!”

Andy Plante – Worcester 


“I just wanted to thank all the Proclimber Team for what they did for me when I was in sunny Wales. Andy, Tom and the two Chris’s made the six week course a pleasure to be on, I learnt so much in the short six weeks, from chainsaw maintenance to felling, climbing, pruning and general tree care.After completing the course I feel like I’m more confident around chainsaws and all tree work, due to the expert training and support I had from the Proclimber team!!! Also a big thanks to Caroline (the BOSS 🙂 for the after care I received when I ordered my climbing kit. It’s nice to know I can pick up the phone if I’m stuck with anything, even after I’ve completed the course. The Proclimber team are defo friends for life, and I can’t wait to get on that RIGGING COURSE!!  If anyone is thinking about taking part in this course, I say go for it! You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner; you’ll have no regrets and everything to gain. It’s intense hard work but it’s, fast, exciting, challenging, thrilling and crazy from one day to next.If you’re fit and want a challenge (but your also a bit NUTS) this is the course for you. It’s like nothing I’ve been on”!!

Geordie Billy – Newcastle

Iori“The Proclimber training experience was fantastic for our son (aged 20) and has been an excellent investment to get him a job that he loves. Within two months of completing the training he has found work, moved away to live independently and is now learning the skills of the trade by gaining daily paid experience as a climber. We are proud of him, delighted for him and very grateful to the Proclimber team for launching him on this route in life”.

Dr Rachel Archer and Professor Charles Archer.


Hi Caroline, and Andy and Tom, I wanted to say a massive thanks for an amazing 6 weeks with you all, and the other instructors and tutors. You were all so welcoming and helpful, and what an amazing 6 weeks it was. I learnt so much and gained a lot of confidence from the way it was all taught and the help we got on the course. It was absolutely perfect for me and I’m still smiling from passing all my tickets and all the laughs we had along the way. I wanted to let you know that after a trial week with Bartletts they offered me the job full time starting next week. I’m really pleased but its thanks to you all really, and I think I’ll owe you forever for that. I loved my first week, really varied work, everything being done safely, some good laughs to be had, and I got climbing a few times and even starting to like spikes! Loads still to learn but its a start. I felt that the proclimber course taught me really well and in detail, clearly going beyond just whats needed for the assessments, and that is showing as I start the ‘real’ work. So just wanted to say thanks again to all of you, a few months ago I hadn’t ever climbed a tree or used a chainsaw so I have learnt so much from you all. I hope we can keep in touch. I’m hoping to get my own saws and climbing kit at some point in the future so would love to get your advice if that was ok. I hope everything is going well at Proclimber, will keep following you on Facebook and I hope the September fast trackers have a great time, and that we didn’t take all the good weather for the year! If Im down in south wales any time it would be great to say hi. If you’re ever up near the Peak District do let me know, Best wishes to you all, Caity

Caitlin Rice – Glossop

So you get the picture, but don’t take our word for it, go to our Proclimber Training Facebook page & get in touch with a past Proclimber® Fast Track trainee.



5 thoughts on “Fast Track: Questions Answered & Trainees Feedback

  1. hi all, i attended the fast track course back in Feb 2011. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Andy and Caroline. It was a brilliant experience and it has allowed me to start up my own company. The course was very well run and the standard of training was superb. Every aspect was covered from health and safety, to safe climbing and i always felt i was well prepared for the assessments. By doing all the cs units at once, it teaches you, what it’s like to work in a professional environment. I would thoroughly recommend the fast track course to anyone because i think it offers the best opportunity for future employment. Sam selwyn

  2. Michael Pyranha Royall
    I got a job three weeks after finishing my course. I’m also looking at getting taken on as a lead climber or team leader after a 3 month trial.
    A really worth while course.

  3. I came to Proclimber as an absolute beginner with no experience in arboriculture/tree surgery. I had some of my very best days in the woods, great laughs and taught by very professional instructors, who are highly skilled and motivating. The course is not to be taken faintly as its physically challenging…..I was warned about this!!! Living quarters are superb with great food. Plenty of beautiful nature around in mid-Wales. Proclimber has very high pass rates and teaching standards……..they are the BEST……….hip hip hurray.

    Mo from Cyprus

  4. Can I take this time to please thank you both for running one of the best courses that I have ever done (Fast Track Feb-Mar 2015). In all my 22 years in the Army this was one of the most challenging courses that I have ever had to undertake. The level of instruction was second to none and the experience of the instructors was great credit in the little hints and nice to know points on the trade. Not only have I learned some great new skills I have also learned a great deal of valued points and direction from experienced individuals in the Arborist trade. Really feel that after the instruction gained and the qualifications passed I can safely walk into the Arborist trade all be it my experience will need to grow to be fully competent. I look forward to finally handing in my Army uniform in July 2015 and starting my new found trade. Again thanks Tom and Andy for all the great experiences, knowledge sharing and great instruction. Caroline also like to take this moment to thank you for all the great administration without this I would have never got to Llangadog and certainly would have not brought the right clothing (PPE) required for the course. Accommodation and Food which is excellent and Mike and Dave are to be given credit for the up keep of my waist and sleeping arrangements.

  5. Thank you Richie for your very kind words.
    We are so happy that our Fast Track Tree Surgery Course fulfilled all your dreams, & that you now have a new career to step into once you leave the Forces.
    Good luck with everything, if you need anything at all during your transitional period, or afterwards please feel free to ask, we are always here for our students, even after leaving us, if we can help in any way please ask.
    Well done for achieving so much in such a short time.
    All the best for the future.

    Caroline Lewis
    Proclimber® Quality Equipment, Tree Surgery & Training
    The UK Distributor for Portable Winch products
    The Manse
    SA32 7BJ
    Tel: +44(0) 1558 685862

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