Andrew & Caroline Lewis

Andrew & Caroline Lewis have been involved in the Arb Industry for many years.
They worked together as a Utiity Arb climbing team back in the mid nineties & then later on started Proclimber®  selling Arb equipment all over the world, then branched out (excuse the pun) into other aspects of rope supplies, and as certified rope splicers have been supplying the needs of Film Companies for their stunt ropes. They have supplied various ropes for all the Harry Potter films, James Bond and many others. Although we still sell Arb equipment, we have decided to turn our focus to the Portable winch distribution & expanding the training & tree care division.

Caroline on a horse


Caroline sorts out the day to day running of both Proclimber® & Proclimber® Training. She is is the person who keeps everything running smoothly within the company, works long hours sorting out the work, talking to customers, taking bookings & doing the paperwork. Loves pole pruning from horseback! but always finds the time to do a little tree climbing now & again.

Andrew with quote bubble saying Trees!


Andrew started out in commercial tree planting, & then trained to work for the Utility Arboriculture Industry. He was fortunate to travel & work a few places around the world, doing tree work, building log bridges, special displays for new vehicle launches, 4×4 training, as well as working as  professional support driver. Later moved on to training and eventually founded Proclimber® Training, he now works as an instructor, and an Assessor for City & Guilds/NPTC. He suffers from a huge obsession with Trees!