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Petrol-powered pulling winch

PCW5000 – Petrol-powered pulling winch

The first and most popular Portable Winch model!

This winch is lightweight, portable, petrol powered, and has a 1000 kg (2200 lbs) pulling capacity. If you ever need to bring down hung-up trees, pull out-of-reach logs, get a vehicle un-stuck, or haul a deer out of the woods, the PCW5000 is for you. Weighting only 16 kg (35 lbs), this Portable Winch is easily carried and can be anchored to anything using the 2m (6-6″) Polyester sling, provided or the different anchoring accessories.

Use the Portable Winch with any length of double braided polyester low stretch rope. We offer these ropes in many lengths. The rope is tied to the object to be moved and wound three or four times around the capstan drum. When the engine is running, the 57 mm (2-14″) capstan drum rotates continuously and the friction created by pulling on the free end of the rope pulls the object. With the 57mm (2-14″) capstan drum, the load will move at a speed up to 12 m/minute (40’/min), depending on the weight of the load. You can also buy the 85mm (3-3/8″) capstan drum which will give you up to 18 m/minute (60’/min) speed.

Gas-powered portable winch


Gas-powered portable capstan winch

The PCW3000 Portable Capstan Winch is very light: only 9,5 kg (20 lb) but very powerful: 700 kg (1550 lb)!

This is most definitely a highly Portable Winch!

Powered by Honda’s 35 cc 4-stroke all position engine, it offers great reliability but with added transportability. Complemented by a line of specific accessories that are geared for transport over long distances, on a lightweight backpack carrier , or strapped onto a vehicle and protected inside it custom high resistance plastic carry case, this innovative winch is unparalleled on the market and is perfect for hunters, foresters, boaters, snowmobilers or quad riders and other applications requiring a more compact and portable winch.

Anchor it to a tree, a stump, a post using the provided 2 m (6’) polyester sling or to the ball hitch of a vehicle with the optional hitch plate winch anchor .

Thanks to the capstan principle, there is no limit to the rope length. You’ll be able to pull what you want, where you want. Also, unlike conventional winches, it offers a constant pulling power. The rope is tied to the load and the other end is wrapped 3 or 4 turns on the capstan drum. When the engine is running, the capstan drum is automatically turning. You simply have to pull on the rope to apply friction on the drum to pull the load.

Portable Winch are proud to announce the launch of their first battery operated Portable Winch the PC3000-LI, we will be demonstrating this Winch at the APF show this September, hope to see you all there. Click the link below to see more.


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