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Thinking of changing gear to a new career? Are you interested in becoming a qualified Tree Surgeon? Do you want to start working immediately? Are you prepared to fully commit to six weeks of intensive physical training, & also have great fun at the same time? If you have answered yes to all these questions then Proclimber’s Fast Track Tree Surgery Course is the right one for you.

Tree Surgery is not a walk in the park (literally) it’s physically hard work and not for the faint hearted, but we can guarantee that if you are fit and keen, we can get you to that place where you will, after only six weeks be confident to go out and show any future employer that you have trained with the best, have the knowledge even after only six weeks, to be an asset to their tree surgery company, and with experience will have the ability to become an Arborist team leader in a very short time.

Available Courses

Please remember we have limited places available on each Proclimber Arborist training course, so book your place as soon as possible.

All this is available at an inclusive price of just £6,995.00

This price includes full accommodation, TV, Wifi & all meals weekdays for the entire six weeks! A deposit of £1,000.00 will secure you a place on this fantastic course.

If full payment is made on booking you will receive a free Petzl climbing helmet!

Fast Track Tree Surgery Course 1

January 14th – February 22nd 2019
Fully Booked


Fast Track Tree Surgery Course 2

April 15th – May 24th 2019
Only 1 place available


Fast Track Tree Surgery Course 3

July 15th – August 23rd 2019
Fully Booked


Fast Track Tree Surgery Course 4

October 14th – November 22nd 2019
Five places left


Our course includes
Over 200 practical hours of professionally supervised hands-on Forestry, Arboricultural & Tree Surgery skills training by our carefully selected Industry-served professional Instructors & Assessments carried out by City & Guilds/NPTC Assessors.

A minimum of 40 hours Arboricultural theory study, covering the 11 different exam domains, working towards the Internationally-acclaimed ISA Certified Arborist qualification. (You will take home the ISA study guide worth over £60.00)

  • Pruning
  • Tree Biology
  • Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Identification & Selection
  • Climbing, Safety & working in the tree
  • Statutory tree protection
  • Installation & Establishment
  • Trees & Construction sites
  • Soil & Water relations
  • Tree nutrition & Fertilisers
  • Cable & Bracing

star Achieving 12 Certificates including 9 NPTC City & Guilds Awards:

  1. Level 2 – 002012 – Chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting
  2. Level 2 – 002012 – Felling & processing trees up to 380mm
  3. Level 3 – 002101 – Felling & processing trees over 380mm
  4. Level 2 – 002013 – Accessing a tree using rope & harness
  5. Level 3 – 002013 – Aerial Tree Rescue operations
  6. Level 3 – 002108 – Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques
  1. Level 3 – 002197 – Aerial Tree pruning
  2. Level 2 – 002057 – Wood Chipper – Safe use of manually fed wood chipper
  3. Level 2 – 0017-02 – M.E.W.P – Safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  4. Stump Grinder – Safe use of Stump Grinder Certificate
  5. An Emergency First Aid at work Certificate
  6. Manual Handling Certificate

Course details

Full six weeks accommodation, in the beautiful countryside of South West Wales, with huge amounts of recreational facilities available in the area, for those who need to stimulate their minds & bodies even further!

Tree work. You will have the opportunity to work alongside the Proclimber Arb team on site during the six weeks, this gives you experience first-hand on how the professionals work, how a site is run, and this may include tree rigging & dismantling techniques.

The Big Tree Climb. We offer trainees a chance to go on a fun big tree climbing experience, under the supervision of our instructors. You will climb trees over 100ft tall, this is a height many time served Arborists may not have reached! It’s usually the highlight of the course for many of our trainees, and the views are awesome.

There may also be a chance for a spot of axe throwing and chainsaw carving during the six weeks.

We will give you the opportunity to ask any amount of questions from our team of time served professionals, Instructors⁄Assessors, all of whom have years of combined experience from different sectors of the Industry, including Commercial Forestry, Private Sector Arborculture, Municipal Arboriculture, Utility Arboriculture, Tree Consultancy and much more.

We offer you an amazing 10% discount on all Proclimber products for the six week period, and we will source chainsaws & tools for you at a reduced price.

You will be given a contact number after completing this course; if you have a burning Forestry⁄Arboricultural related question or you need some technical advice, we will do our best to help you. We offer you support even after the course has finished.

If you’re still not convinced take a look at what other fast track Tree Surgery courses are on offer and compare it to ours!

Our accommodation is next to a railway station, so although we are out in the Country anyone not able to drive can get off a train right next door! Our Italian chef will cook your meals so you get the fuel to feed your fire!

Tree Rigging & Dismantling unit 002109 is the only unit we miss out during this course, this is simply because it would not be possible for most to take this on board after only a few weeks of climbing, you will need to get loads of hours in the harness before tackling the tree rigging⁄dismantling course. However we will give you £100 off the course price to any Fast track student coming back to complete their 002109 with us! We would ask for you to wait 6-12 months before attempting this, by which time you will have the experience working in harness to successfully complete this course.

We also offer other courses like Utility Arboriculture, off-road driving, winching & trailer work & ATV driving.

What this course will give you

Most of the Training and Assessments in one go, to become qualified without wasting months or even years for the next training course or assessment to happen, as this is normally the decision of your employer.

The ability to advance rapidly by giving you the knowledge & hands-on experience, and the resulting confidence to progress in this Industry as a qualified Arborist.

To approach any employer as a qualified and valued, sought-after Arborist (Tree Surgeon), which in this economic climate would put you in a most favorable position to gain employment, as you have shown commitment & invested in yourself to gain a career in Arboriculture. Or maybe to serve you well if you decide to go into business for yourself later. It goes without saying that the Proclimber Fast Track Tree Surgery Course does not give you years of experience, but what it does offer is a great introduction to Arboriculture, over 200hrs of contact with industry professionals and the training & qualifications you achieve; a fantastic start to this fascinating industry, now this is a recipe for success.

An investment in yourself (improving your self-worth) and an increase in your knowledge (adding value as a professional) through the use of continuous personal development that Proclimber Training strongly advocates, just as the ISA certified Arborist program uses CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) to continue education, & encourage individuals to never stop topping up their knowledge even after they have become a Certified Arborist.

All this will open doors for you, not just in the UK & Europe, but Worldwide. Please remember we have limited places available on each Proclimber Arborist training course, so book your place as soon as possible.